Whether enjoying the captivating view from our many terraces and gardens, having a romantic dinner or planning an excursion along the coast, we want to ensure that your experience with us remains with you always.

All of our services have been carefully crafted to ensure that guests make the most of all that we have to offer both within Villa Treville and in the surrounding community.


The cuisine of Villa Treville serves the flavours and scents of the land on which it stands, and of the sea it overlooks.

From our all day breakfast through midday snacks at the Club Lounge and main meals at Maestro's restaurant, the emphasis is on simple healthy foods using only locally grown fresh produce and seasonal ingredients skilfully prepared and presented by our Chef and his team.

On offer from our Molteni kitchen are a changing daily selection of vegetarian, seafood, meat and pasta dishes reflecting the available seasonal specialties, accompanied by fresh fruit juices, cocktails, local and fine wines.


Our main restaurant is situated on the large terracotta tiled and vine covered open terrace of Villa Azzurra with panoramic views of Positano and the deep blue sea. As the weather requires dining moves beside the open fireplace in the drawing room in which Franco Zeffirelli often used to work or entertain his friends. On offer are a selection of daily specials from our kitchen cooked to order.

Fresh local product

We always use the freshest ingredients, locally sourced. The various kitchen gardens that can be seen amidst the property's terraces generously offer fresh fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs of the season throughout the year. The fish is caught daily in the nearby waters, the eggs from our own chickens and the wines from the best local vineyards.

Salone Bianca

The Salone Bianca, situated at the heart of the Villa Bianca, is where we serve our evening drinks and delicious fruit cocktails. Masterfully designed by Renzo Mongiardino in pure Positano style, the spacious room is full of light and stands out for the white ceramics made by Scotto of Vietri sul Mare and the Syrian mother-of-pearl furniture left by Zeffirelli.

The terrace outside is a vine covered Moroccan style sanctuary with deeply relaxing sofas, soft lighting, billowing veils and the signature view that never fails to take your breath away.

In respect of our in residence guests privacy policy and concept , our "Bianca Bar" is only open to our in residence guests and their immediate guests. All outside guests patronizing our restaurant for lunch or dinner are advised that access to the Bianca Bar is only reserved upon the property's management discretion in line with respecting our in residence guests privacy during their stay.


The whole of Villa Treville is immersed in a natural wealth of colours, scents, watercourses and fountains.

Strolling along the many scenic paths that meander through the property is a discovery of jasmine, cascading bougainvillea, citrus fruit trees, wisteria laden pergolas and secluded spots in which to pause and take in the view.

The wind-swept Roman pines pointing down to sea, the linden trees, capers and oleanders along with a myriad of ancient tropical plants and trees make Villa Treville a captivating and extraordinary botanical garden of rare beauty.

The vegetable gardens dotted between the various suites offer their produce directly to each guest, who can taste the local flavours on the terrace in the shade of the large linden: tomatoes, courgettes, sweet corn, green beans and aubergines, together with plenty of basil and other aromatic herbs.


If you wish to do more than relax in the tranquility of your villa or gardens, we can offer a full range of treatments, excursions and activities. The glorious Amalfi Coast is steeped in history and culture and full of exquisite towns and villages where one can find local artisans, boutiques and an endless choice of restaurants and cafes.

If nature is what you are after, then hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and boat trips through bewitching scenery can all be arranged. For those who wish to be pampered, we can offer a range of beauty treatments both in-house as well as by special appointment. You just simply need to ask.