Villa Treville is a unique, boutique hideaway set within a spectacular, cliffside estate overlooking the clear blue waters of Positano, one of the jewels of Italy's fabled Amalfi Coast.

The property is the first 5 star luxury hotel villa complex on the Amalfi Coast where emphasis is created with the same meticulous attention to every detail ensuring well-deserved time out to relax and recharge.

We offer a private guest experience that is intimate and discreet with the highest level of service and exclusive access to premium facilities.

The Villa

This private Eden is comprised of five mesmerizing villas of meticulous detail directly facing Positano, surrounded by lush gardens and secluded terraces nestled among vine-laden pergolas, bougainvillea, pine trees and ancient tropical plants.

The property cascades down a rocky promontory where hidden elevator shafts and stone-cut steps lead down to a private seaside sundeck and jetty for the motor launch provided exclusively for guests.


Private balconies, terraces, gardens and plunge pools adorn the various suites and a myriad of reclusive spots along our garden pathways provide the perfect setting to enjoy the refreshing sea air and our spectacular natural environment.

The philosophy of Villa Treville is to retain the ambience of a residence and we encourage our guests to make the most of all our services and to always feel completely at home.

Franco Zeffirelli

As the former home of Franco Zeffirelli, Italy's celebrated opera and film director, Villa Treville has always nurtured an atmosphere of culture and creativity which is clearly visible in all the personal touch and design flair realized in the development of the property over several decades.


Villa Treville was originally purchased in the 1920s by Mikhail Semenov, the Russian writer, who was the first to gather around him the cultural ferment that has always characterised Positano. With Franco Zeffirelli, the property was often visited by dancers, singers, writers, musicians, painters, actors and intellectuals from all over the globe.

The estate was lovingly refurbished and further developed under the artistic direction of Zeffirelli during his 35 years in residence with the inclusion of new gardens, terraces and hidden pools. He hired his friend Renzo Mongiardino, who collaborated on many of his theatre and opera projects, to design the exquisitely crafted interiors.

The work was subsequently continued with meticulous attention to detail as Villa Treville was converted into a boutique hotel under new ownership advised by architect Fausta Gaetani, a friend and frequent guest of Mr Zeffirelli.


From the time of Semenov, through the residence of Maestro Zeffirelli, Villa Treville has welcomed an amazing coterie of literari and stars of the stage and screen. As invitations were usually on condition of no photography, their presence has passed into local legend but their influence remains.

That so many came, so often, and stayed for so long is testament to not only the graciousness of their hosts, but also to the delightful ingredients that make our small part of the Amalfi coast so special.


The color is not simply a reflection of the flamboyant taste of previous owners, it is also a celebration of local design and craftsmanship.

This is particularly the case in the individually designed rooms with their Neapolitan furniture, Vietri tiles, Murano glass and many works of art from local artists.

Our Services

Whether arranging a day trip to Capri or simply serving a refreshing drink on one of the many terraces, every detail is designed to ensure the greatest comfort and highest standard of service.

When staying at Treville we want you to feel at home, so we have included as much as we can in our room rate: full all day breakfast and access to the Club Lounge; drinks from the in-room bar or Salone Bianca; private shuttle boat service to and from Positano; private seaside sun loungers; gym and jacuzzi.

For anything else, our multilingual team are available from reception 24hrs a day and will do everything possible to meet your every need.


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Private seaside sundeck


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