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Experience the 5 star luxury hotel villa complex on the Amalfi Coast

“The Duchess invited me to stay for lunch and let me explore… The place was a riot of Mediterranean vegetation, pines, flowers, trees, cacti. Through the foliage were dramatic glimpses of Positano, an opera set with dramatic mountains behind it.” Franco Zeffirelli

Spread between four villas, each of our suites offers a unique blend of carefree comfort and careful attention to detail. Named and decorated by maestro Zeffirelli himself and his team, each room presents a different face from the extraordinary cast of Villa Treville’s rich history.

Relax, unwind, swim, hike, explore, feast, read, write or simply dream…whatever it is you wish to do, let us take care of everything. All we ask of you is to enjoy.

“Nearly always when you find a place as beautiful as Positano, your impulse is to conceal it.” John Steinbeck

A peaceful Oasis

Private balconies, terraces, gardens and plunge pools adorn the various suites and a myriad of reclusive spots along our garden pathways provide the perfect setting to enjoy the refreshing sea air and our spectacular natural environment.

The philosophy of Villa Treville is to retain the ambience of a residence and we encourage our guests to make the most of all our services and to always feel completely at home. 

Franco Zeffirelli

As the former home of Franco Zeffirelli, Italy's celebrated opera and film director, Villa Treville has always nurtured an atmosphere of culture and creativity which is clearly visible in all the personal touch and design flair realized in the development of the property over several decades.